OQSEB, Original Quality Standard English Bible   Now!

OQSMB = Original Quality Standard Myanmar Bible, to change the semi-Hell nation to peace!

The OQSEB, Original Quality Standard English Bible will be translated by English Native Christian Translator who must be predestined by God to do this work. I wanted this man to work the OQSEB. Please contact to me. This OQSEB is seperated from OQSMB. He will be not under me, under God and "Leader of English speaking world's unity". I gives only the new idea to unite the English speaking peoples with the OQSEB, God bless you to who want to translate OQSEB freely.


about the OQSMB because I have got it firstly.

Page - 1 about OQSMB

Dear Friend in Jesus, I have 2 questions for you.

1. "How to be holy at your country, for that how you can do?"

2. Why the donor of the OQSMB is more powerful than US president?

I believe, be producer (donor) of the OQSMB is better than be president of the US before God. Answers are included at my Nation Changing Bible translation the OQSMB proposal included IMPORTANT prayer request at the END of the attachment under.

I arranged that long letter but interesting with the excellent sequences as the SO BEAUTIFUL BUILDING, I’m a former civil experienced engineer.


(Photos are can’t insert at your webmail if you want to see / need, ask me to my email: ilvufaithfulsai@gmail.com), By JEPG (PDF) file or see: www.sai-thiha.simplesite.com


The Original Quality Standard Myanmar Bible translation, the OQSMB will give 25 real blessings to you now!

(The photo of the Bible or imagination)

Above book is the OQSMB (မြန်မာ သမ္မာကျမ်း စံမူလအရည်အသွေး) cover expression of translator’s imagination example

(The photo of Golden Crown. Caption: God wants you get His - THE BLESSINGS OF GOODNESS of the OQSMB of God this is for as an example. God bless you with the crown & good blessings!)

(The photo of jewel box. Caption: God wants you get His - A CROWN OF PURE GOLD that is for eternal life by the OQSMB of God this is for as an example See Bible verse @ P-13. Good News 25)

The Greatest Proposal, asking your help for “Nation Changing Bible Translation” I’m ready to do the OQSMB,

“Original Quality Standard Myanmar Bible” with you for Myanmar change, from semi-hell to be hopeful peaceful nation of our God

CONTENTS of the OQSMB, new Bible translation into Myanmar (included 25 blessings/good news for you)

Page 2

1. Why the name is the OQSMB?

2. Why Myanmar need the OQSMB, Dr. A. Judson photo, Best time to start the OQSMB

3. Profits, benefits and blessings for the Donors who love OQSMB Translation

Page 3

4. About the OQSMB Bible Translator

5. 100% possible to finish OQSMB calculation - so accurate

Page 4

6. No need many staffs for the OQSMB, the photo of Martyr Bible translator William Tyndale

7. The OQSMB quality will be 100% accuracy-clarity from original Hebrew/Greek!

Page 5

8. I’ve “8 Qualifications” Nation Changing Bible Translation

9. OT example Hebrew to Myanmar translation Page 6 10. NT example Greek to Myanmar translation

11. The communication between you-me: “I’m so near to you!”

Page 7

12. By grace! you’re equipped by His peace, prosperity 13. OQSMB Bible Translator’s Resume, education chart

Page 8 (experiences and soft skills charts)

14. I hope you can get good recommendation to me from 2 Americans who love God

Page 9

15. Expected Salary for the OQSMB translator

16. we need to sign an agreement to that biggest project 17. For Your any Donation

18. Your Business with missions’ purpose to help Myanmar

Page 10

19. Testimony, my birthday 666 but see prophecy & Psalm

20. Important reason for your hand, Sai card for you.

Page 11

21. Total 25 good news from the OQSMB

22. I’ll never lie you because I’m a sheep of Jesus

23. You can test the OQSMB is the scam or the truth

Page 12 (with translator photo and signature)

24. He shall by no means lose His reward

25. Now, you have the greatest opportunity to invest @ heaven

26. Free gift -1- for you.

27. Invitation to stay at my house

28. Now godliness with contentment is great gain

Page 13

29. Clear message about how to use your 3 kinds of donations

30. ACCEP / REJECT TO OQSMB with a photo

31. Main essence of this proposal

32. The OQSMB is 100% possible with God and add our belief!

Page 14

33. My Mission-Forefather (MMF) Dr. Seagrave + U Kham Maung (photos)

34. MMF Dr. C. A. Kirkpatrick’s report

Page 15

35. My mother is from nurse training of Dr. Seagrave (group photo)

36. Free gift -2- for you.

37. The shortest sermon How to be holy your nation? PR. (PR = Prayer Request)

The end of page 1.

Page 2 is at this email attachment.

In God, Rev. Dr. Sai Solomon Thiha

The Bible Translator from Myanmar

Page 2

1. Why the name is OQSMB?

The name the OQSMmB is more suitable, other nations with initial M =17

 If an English version named the OQSEB, “Original Quality Standard English Version” no one will be trying to do another version and all English speaking Christians are united at the OQSEB! Is that good?

 The OQSMB is for Myanmar, perfect Bible translation in Burmese (Myanmar language).

 The OQS (language name) Bibles are good example for all languages. For instance, for Russian is the OQSRB, Original Quality Standard Russian Bible! The OQSCB is Original Quality Standard Chinese Bible.

 I believe with the initial of the OQS Bibles are the nation changing books . . . . . . . ***** “Good News1!”

 Nation changing with the power/guidance of the Spirit so we can be called the Holy Spirit filled Bibles

2. Why Myanmar need the OQSMB very seriously as alive or dead matter! –

(The photo of Dr. Judson)

Rev. Dr. Adorniram Judson, perfect dutiful person to Myanmar, US and God.

What’s the most popular Bible: The Judson Burmese Version (JBV) (Translator: US missionary Rev. A. Judson)

Rev. A. Judson is the greatest man of US & Myanmar at his time. He could create Bible’s light in Burmese at the Dark Age of Burma. I honored him with his history by my new song with Myanmar traditional melody, I named. “Adoniram Judson, the true witness of Love” see English and Myanmar lyrics and chords at

www.sai-thiha.simplesite.com, for melody ask me.

 All Myanmar versions have about 75% accurate clear quality translation, comparing to Hebrew & Greek.

 How many versions in Myanmar Bible = About 5 versions included the Bible RC.

 How Judson Version quality: c. 25% are inaccurate, misunderstanding and not understanding his translations.

 What is the witness the JBV is inaccurate Bible = If the JBV was quality Bible, Myanmar had been changed more than for 100 years.

 The KJV changed England for 50 years. The KJV’s quality of translation is c.95%.

The best time to start the OQSMB, I believe that the time now is for us because for c.95% unbelievers!

(1) Judson Myanmar Bible (JBV) did not penetrate to Myanmar nonbelievers for c.200 years, many sentences are difficult to understand for its wrong at Myanmar grammar rules.

(2) Dr. Judson got the help from Myanmar-Pali linguists, they were not Christians and the consequences is some sentences are not as the meaning as original Hebrew & Greek that is he is not Myanmar native translator and Dr. Judson did not know Myanmar language c.30%, he understood Myanmar language only c.70%

(3) Many vocabularies translated are 100% wrong! E.g. “eagle” to “vulture“ in Myanmar.

(4) Many words are right translation but this age Myanmar people do not know that old words from JBV because it is from 200 years’ usages.

So my question for you is - “Why don’t you think to start the OQSMB now to give the light, to penetrate nonbelievers and to change Myanmar?

3. Profits, benefits, blessings for the Donors who love OQSMB Translation ***** “Good News2!”

Any donations will be accepted I’m so appreciated even your $1 donation, that can be c. 1,500 K, Kyats (Myanmar currency), can spent “1 good meal” for the Bible translator in Myanmar.


1) “Daily bread donor” &

2) “Salary donor” FOR ALL DONORS –

 Benefits: They will be so happy and blessed for their donation to the OQSMB because I believe that God will be so happy for their helping hand for the daily bread of the translator or ministry-missions works in Mm.

 Blessings: The real biggest blessings from God are shining to you. By your money, we can share the

Page 3

Bibles free to the poorest semi-hell Myanmar. Myanmar peoples have the poorest hope and longest civil war troubles in the world!

Great blessings for you: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1Col. 2:9.


 Profits: Donor gives for the daily bread of the OQSMB translator so they will never be hungry and with healthy life until the end of this world according to the words of God.

 They will receive the copy of the OQSMB at the distribution time. If you need more than 1 copy, please inform.

 God will pay back with interest to Donors who donate for daily bread to Bible translator, God’s promise!


 Profits: who need to give translator’s salary monthly when I’m translating. After publishing and distributing, I assume the copy of the Bibles are 5 million, you’ll get from it at least $5 million from the international donors.

But you need to do promotion/marketing to get bigger donors from int’l.

My salary is not for me, for ministry and missions to change Myanmar, to use at to produce new gospel songs, new tracts, to start mission/Bible colleges, for Christian translation & vocational free trainings for jobless, etc…

 After you received your profits of at least $5 million, I am at the place of the Levite, I need the tithe for the fund church planting works & church buildings.

So you need to show me your “The OQSMB Agreement” with the purpose of tithe giving, to sign by Bible translator and Salary donor before the start of the OQSMB.

There’s only 1 place for my “Salary donor”. I believe many are waiting to get it! The fastest decider will be the first!

4. About the OQSMB Bible Translator (See also qualifications => P-3 & Resume => P-5)

 Name = Rev. Dr. Sai S. Thiha (Citizen name = Sai Thiha) with 14 year experiences at Christian translation  Translator’s other exp. = 10 years - civil engineer, 7 years - Bible/mission studied, 5 years -church planter (see details at Resume under -)

 Age = 18 add 36 (14+10+7+5) year of life experiences = 54 – 3 (lapping years) = 51

 By the Grace, power of Spiritual gifts received from the Heaven –

(1) Healing! To other & myself so I never need medical doctor. If you quest, you can get ***** “Good News3!” (2) Prophecies! e.g. almost exact result to president Donald Trump before 1 month of the real result declaration. If you quest, you can get. ***** “Good News4!”

(3) New revelations! Between Christianity-Buddhism as like the bridges for Buddhists to Christ that can help Christ good news to change Myanmar effectively. I believe Buddhists will change by that contextualization flexibly ***** “Good News5!”

(4) Knowledge & understanding! I’ve written about new advanced 100 songs of praise and worship then I become a creative person in many areas by Spirit. Sometime I won master level chess software, but I disappointed to machine take time longer then me and resigned.

If you want to do professional God’s music production in Mm, welcome!

• I calculated for the time OQSMB translation = 3 years exactly for 100% accurate-clear quality, I give you that guarantee with the remained time of my life. ***** “GoodNews6!”

5. 100% possible: to be finished OQSMB, planning calculation is so accurate ***** “Good News7!”

 I will be finished in 3 years for the OQSMB translation.

 The total page of the Bible is 1214 (e.g. from Gideon Bible)

 1 years = 365 days, except Saturday and Sunday, working days, 1 week = 5 days so total holidays = 104

Page 4

 Total working days for a year = 365 – 104 = 261 days. 3 years = 783 days for working.

 How my work done for the Bible, full professional word by word translation is 1,500 words/day

 The Bible total words = 783,137 according to the KJV.  Therefore, my total working days of translation and first editing = 522 days.

 Remained working days = 783 – 522 = 261 days.

 261 days is the same as 1 year of working days. See above for 261. I’ll do another 2 times edition with that remained days for 100% accuracy and 100% clarity as the original Hebrew’s and Greek’s meanings!

 All things are possible with God, Jesus said, “Great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire” Mt.15:28

 I’ll send my work done to Salary Donor weekly, you would know I am working regularly & remotely.

 So 100% possible and safe!

6. No need many staffs for the OQSMB, you need only a few staff in this computer IT age,

You can depend 90% on me as the Bible Martyr Mr. William Tyndale with no computer IT!

(The photo of Bible martyr William Tyndale, original KJV & his martyrdom at 1536)

† Mr. William Tyndale translated 90% of KJV, the example God want the real translation by real one person firstly.

† I will do all the works of translation and edition so no need other proofreader/editor!

† That is, you have only cost for translator’s cheap salary, believe it, cheap but 100% safe! You can reduce many costs for staffs at OQSMB but safe -get 100% quality Bible! ***** “Good News8!”

7. OQSMB quality will be 100% accuracy-clarity from original Hebrew/Greek! ***** “Good News9!”

 I give my guarantee to get 100% accuracy and 100% clarity of Bible translation in Myanmar from Hebrew-English (OT) interlinear Bible and Greek-English (NT) interlinear Bible to the OQSMB. Main from “CLV with interlinear” (Concordant Literal Version Bible with interlinear)

 If I need, I have all versions of the Bible in English and another version of Hebrew and Greek for references.

 To get 100% accurate and 100% clarity standards, I’ve KJV and NASB Lexicon. I’ll also need to see JBV.

 How? = I’ve 14 years exp. and former 10 years exp. engineer. Do you know all experienced Engineers have accurate and clear writings! After I translated word by word harmoniously in Burmese included 1st edition, I’ve to do 2 times edition. After that 3rd edition we will have 100% accuracy – clarity Burmese translation. When if we have 99%, it’s just okay to change Myanmar then the world by the good example of the OQSMB.

Under 2 pictures are with my sample of English to Burmese translation post at my Facebook/maung.hill